Complimentary Upgrade from Lexus of Adelaide on I AGE MEDIA's WeChat account TodayAdelaide!

July 16, 2018

Local car dealerships like Lexus of Adelaide are taking advantage of I AGE MEDIA's official subscription account TodayAdelaide as a platform to promote featured sales and exclusive deals to the South Australian Chinese migrant community. Advertising with I AGE MEDIA on TodayAdelaide provides an unprecedented opportunity for local businesses to achieve great reach and exposure within the South Australian Chinese community.

See how Lexus of Adelaide did it below:

Lexus of Adelaide's latest advertising campaign was featured on our Headline News top banner, achieving maximum exposure within our targeted group of followers and interested viewers, allowing more potential Chinese buyers to establish connections with South Australian companies looking to introduce and expand their presence on the local Chinese market.

South Australia is known for its reputable academic institutions, breathtaking nature and accommodating appreciation of various cultures, which makes it a popular destination for many Chinese students, tourists and migrants, who come to settle down in this state. The growing Chinese migrant community creates a profitable market for South Australian businesses, catering to Chinese buyers, who are subscribers and frequent readers of our official WeChat account TodayAdelaide. Advertising with I AGE MEDIA allows your car dealership to greatly extend its reach into the ever-growing local Chinese market.

WeChat is the largest standalone instant messaging app with over 900 million monthly active subscribers. WeChat has achieved global recognition for its multifunctionality of being an all-in-one social media platform, incorporating various functions, including payments, services for business users and marketing.

TodayAdelaide, the earliest and largest established WeChat official subscription account in Adelaide, utilizes the latter by connecting its more than 23,200 followers within the South Australian Chinese community and in mainland China to local businesses and manufactures, establishing opportunities for increase of market penetration within the Chinese migrant community.


For any enquiries regarding advertising with I AGE MEDIA, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Marketing Officer Jessie YANG

Phone: 0425868046

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